Sunday, August 10, 2008

seriously, be serious please?

i don't have much time to spend on my lably blog, so i left it berhabok here and there.

i don't have my own laptop, and wireless kat ipba is omigodde, sucks.

wait lah till i ade money lebeh i beli laptop sundri.(sedang berusehe.keh3)

rite, whatever.

the best thing is,

next week aku cotie-cotie malaysia. weehoo~!
starting 15th til 24th of august. ( agak-agak je neh.yg aku tawu cutila.wawawa)
and insyaallah parti radikal nak wat reunion.
cant waittt to meet em all. im dying ok. dying to see them. HAHAHA :)

so. heppi becoming hols to me. yeehaa.

p/s : im dying to meet mr. heart stealer aussi. quand est-ce que je peux rencontre mon petit ami? ceceeeh. xle blah parler francais ;)
but have to admit. sux in french grammar. all the time dude.